Boileroom Equipment

Boileroom Equipment Sales sells a complete line of reliable, high quality boilers, burners, and components from leading manufacturers and will help contractors and engineers select the right equipment for their specific application.

Our experienced salespeople have an in-depth knowledge of the product lines we represent. They understand the needs of contractors and will recommend the solution that is most appropriate for your specific application, including:

  • Packaged Boilers
  • Condensing Boilers
  • Field-Built Boilers
  • Linkage-less Combustion Management Technology

  • Alternative Fuel Burners
  • Gas Boosters (standalone and mounted)
  • Condensing Hot Water Heaters
  • Heat Pumps


Send us an email to request a custom quote for reliable, high quality boilers, burners, and components from leading manufacturers.

Our Manufacturers

Burnham Commercial Boilers logo

Burnham Commercial, a leading manufacturer of high-quality boilers and control systems, offers a full line of scotch, firebox, and cast-iron boilers ranging from light commercial to industrial sizes.

De Dietrich boilers provides high quality boiler room solutions for commercial building applications. Their Flexible Eutectic Cast Iron Boiler line offers near condensing boilers. De Dietrich’s eutectic cast iron is 30% more flexible than any competitive cast iron allowing safe low temperature operation.

Hays Cleveland logo

Hays Cleveland provides a full range of control products, applications, and engineered systems including programmable automation controllers and master sequencers for multiple boilers.

Siemens Combustion Controls Division logo

Siemens Combustion Controls is a world leading supplier of valves, burner management components, combustion management systems, ventless gas trains, and linkage-less technology.

Smith Cast Iron Boilers logo

Smith Cast Iron Boilers are known for their reliability, longevity, and operating efficiencies. Their products range from small boilers for apartment buildings to large commercial boilers for schools, institutions, and government buildings.

Weber Company logo

Webster Combustion combines advanced control technology with proven combustion performance for boilers with multiple fuel flexibility, low emissions, high efficiency, and reduced energy costs.

Bryan Boilers logo

Bryan Boilers are the creators of the flexible water tube boiler. Bryan is a leader in condensing and forced draft boilers, feed systems and heat exchangers. The “Flexible Water Tube” design of the Bryan boiler provides for extremely fast, natural internal circulation, resulting in maximum heat transfer and operating efficiency.

weishaupt company logo

Weishaupt heating systems, burners, heat pumps, and solar collectors are notable for their long-lived, economical and reliable operation. Weishaupt burners are valued the world over for their sound, high-quality construction. They are efficient and provide many years of service.

Etter Engineering logo

Etter Engineering sells combustion parts, manufactured systems, and has a diverse line of gas boosters. Etter provides burner and combustion related parts as well as complete systems specifically suited to meet client’s needs.

Suez company logo

Suez offers the most comprehensive set of chemical and equipment solutions to maintain the longevity of your equipment.  Suez has been an expert in water and waste for 150 years, using its capacity for innovation and a radical new approach to provide chemical treatment plans for boilers.

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