Boileroom Technologies

Boileroom Technologies has a staff of certified, factory-trained technicians, with over 50 years of experience.

We have a fleet of service vehicles stocked with factory supplied parts, so our technicians can readily tend to your boiler needs and ensure your boiler is running at its peak efficiency. Our technicians can diagnose repair issues and offer on-site advice and recommendations regarding job set up, on-site electrical walkthroughs, dry starts, start up with utility, CID inspections, DOB inspections, and more as requested.

 As the manufacturer’s representative, we offer service contracts to our customers to ensure your equipment is operating at its peak efficiency. Our specialists work around the clock to provide support right when you need it and can offer over-the-phone assistance to come up with solutions to your boiler needs. If your situation requires more than a phone consultation, we can schedule our technicians to be on-site to inspect and repair your equipment.


Send us an email to request a custom quote for repairs and service contracts with our highly trained technicians.

We hold seminars throughout the year to train contractors, technicians and service groups on the specific products of the manufacturers that Boileroom represents.

These highly informative seminars range from full day to half day sessions and typically include a product presentation, hands-on shop work demonstrations, and a Q&A period to ensure all attendees understand the technology and issues presented. These training seminars will expand the knowledge base of your technicians, making your company more dependable and desirable for future business. 

Diagram of what the service contract covers

Contact our service team today to get an estimate on a maintenance program for your boiler.