Boileroom Rentals

Low pressure steam | Low pressure hydronic | Domestic hot water | High pressure

Whether short-term or long-term, planned or unplanned, our rental boilers provide a safe, dependable, and uninterrupted supply of temporary heat and hot water, right to your job site or building. These rental boilers are housed in self-contained trailers to protect the equipment from the elements and are available with oil tanks, gas boosters, and generators making for a fast and easy installation.

Our rental boilers are ideal for:

  • Unexpected emergencies, such as fires, floods or other natural disasters (i.e., Hurricane Sandy)
  • Planned boiler shutdowns during renovation projects
  • Emergency shutdowns for boiler repairs
  • Emergency shutdowns by utilities


Send us an email to request a custom quote for your short- or long-term boiler rental.

Our mobile boiler systems ensure minimal disruption to those in your building.

We have the newest fleet of rental boilers in the New York Metropolitan area!

  • Sizes range from 40 hp to 800 hp
  • Available in #2 heating oil, biofuel and natural gas
  • With over 70 rental boilers, we have the largest fleet in New York

Boileroom Rentals also offers hook-up and permit services required by the NYC DOB, DOT, DAR and FDNY for a truly turnkey solution.

With 24-hour emergency service, rigorous maintenance schedules and chemical treatment plans our mobile boilers provide the peace of mind you are looking for. Our remote monitoring system notifies our team when your boiler goes down or a component is not functioning correctly, allowing us to keep an eye on your boiler. With 2-hour response times, we minimize heating outages that could affect your business operations.  

Fuel oil tanks

We recently added skid mounted UL-142 fuel oil tanks to our fleet. Whether ordered alone or with one of our mobile boilers, our fuel oil tanks are available in 1,000 gallons to 20,000 gallons and can be delivered to your jobsite in just hours.

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Rentals shop: (516) 502-4988