Engineer’s Corner

We work with engineers to choose various equipment required on projects based on a specific job site’s needs and resources.

Our sales team has the knowledge and understanding to walk engineers through the different options from packaged or field erected boilers to deciding the right turn down ratios. Our team has had numerous projects with the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA), New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), and The City University of New York (CUNY), along with the private sector. We have experience working with engineers and knowing what they want and how to meet their needs. We provide project submittals to aid in the approval process and are available to answer questions regarding design, specifications, and the operation of the equipment being used on job sites.    

Here are just a few successful projects our experienced team at The Boileroom Group has completed:


High School of Medical Professions, PS 58K


Coney Island 4 & 5


Hunter College

Private Jobs

Zucker Hillside Hospital, Cold Spring Harbor Labs


Burnham Commercial

Bryan Boilers

Bryan Boilers logo

BFIT Series Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Free Flex (FF) Series Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

BFITW Series Commercial Condensing Water Heaters

BE Series Electric Hot Water/ Steam Boilers

BH Series Electric Hot Water/ Steam Boilers

AB Series Forced Draft Boilers

CLM Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

DR Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

EB Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

RV Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

RW Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

HE-AB Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

HE-CLM Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

HE-RV Series Forced Draft High Efficiency Boilers

De Dietrich Boilers

GT Series GT330A Eutectic Cast Iron Boiler

GT Series GT430A Eutectic Cast Iron Boiler

GT Series GT530A/AE Eutectic Cast Iron Boiler

Smith Cast Iron Boilers

19HE Series Boilers

28HE Series Boilers

28RTS-HE Series Water Boilers

Webster Combustion

Weber Company logo

JB Series

EJB Series

JBS Series

JBEX Series

JBFX/HDFX Ultra-Low-NOx Series

HDRV Forced Draft Series

HDS High Efficiency, Low Excess Air Series

HDR-RF Register Burner Series

Weishaupt Corporation

Weishaupt logo

WKmono-series (up to 58,000 MBTU/h)

WK-series (up to 109,000 MBTU/h)

Weishaupt 50-70-series (1,700 to 40,000 MBTU/h)

Weishaupt Monarch WM 10

Weishaupt Monarch WM 20

Weishaupt Monarch WM 30

Weishaupt Monarch WM 50

Weishupt Monarch WM-L 10 version Z (75-600 kW)

Weishaupt Monarch WM-G10 ZM-PLN

Weishaupt Monarch WM-G20 ZM-PLN 

Weishaupt Monarch 4LN Ultra Low NOx (with Flue Gas Recirculation)

Etter Engineering

Etter Engineering logo

E101-P Packaged Gas Booster

E101-P HTD Outdoor Packaged Gas Booster

E101-PHC Packaged Gas Booster

ENGB Packaged Gas Booster

GasPod Packaged Gas Booster

Siemens Combustion Controls

Siemens Combustion Controls Division logo

LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management System

LMV3 Linkageless Burner Management System

TS Series Master Panels

VGG10 Single Gas Valve Body

VGD20 Double Gas Valve Body

VGD40 Double Gas Valve Body

VRD40 Biogas Double Gas Valve Body

SKP15 Gas Actuators

SKP25 Gas Actuators

SKP55 & SKP75 Gas Actuators

Local Law 97

The newly passed Local Law 97 is an important piece of legislation that was passed as part of NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act. LL97 sets the citywide requirement for buildings 25,000 square feet and larger to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by the year 2030, and 80 percent by 2050. This new local law seeks to lower emissions from existing buildings, impacting over 57,000 buildings across the city.

Buildings in New York City has already had local laws in place, which required buildings to comply with energy and carbon emissions standards such as Local Law 87, which requires retro-commissioning and an energy audit every 10 years for buildings over 50,000 square feet, and Local Laws 33 and 84, which require annual rating and benchmarking of energy and water consumption within New York City buildings over 25,000 square feet. Buildings which were not able to comply were able to pay a fine than to update existing infrastructure to a more sustainable and smarter alternative.

Local Law 97 takes a different approach by providing a straightforward threshold on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions a building can have. Buildings in New York City will have to reduce their carbon footprint through intense energy retrofits by 2030 to avoid fines of $268 per ton of carbon emissions in excess of the building’s limit. The fines associated with noncompliance are issued annually, making every ton over the limit for every year will continually accrue.  These steeper fines will make non-compliance to regulations no longer worth it as it will cost more than actual compliance.

The Boileroom Group offers products that can help buildings stay compliant to LL97 regulations. When used in the right application, our heating equipment can help lower emissions and reduce the overall carbon footprint of NYC buildings.

Our products include:

  • Condensing boilers and hot water heaters
  • Heat pumps for space heating and domestic hot water
  • Dual-fuel, high turndown, low NOx, linkageless burners
  • Electric boilers

Contact us or give us a call at 516-488-4848 to find out how we can assist in developing a strategic compliance plan.